Sunday, July 18, 2010

full moon

it's sunday night. 18/7
time flies, today is my official 'full moon' for my legal age.

i kept this secret for a month alreadyy
i don't even pour this out to anyone
that is
i tried my first alcohol !
not that serious, it's just beer.
nothing much to be astounded about, because my friend even had their wine, whisky, turquilla when there were 16 lorrrr

poor me.

omg omg, it almost has half an hour long to stuck twelve!
my god i have law test.
kay, good night

Thursday, July 15, 2010


fortunately i was able to grab the chance to get the HEENA which i had been hoping for so long!
hoo hoo! *
i still remembered this morning i was so so so excited waiting for the stalls to be opened!

at last i got it. it was just a simple butterfly on my hand
far more different to the typical indians style. yessshhh.
i like it though but since i prefer some cute stuff which can make me more adorable and efferminate!
woo seriously i have to get rid of my saturated cuteness.
though my classmates like it but i always feel that 'cute' is just another meaning of 'childlike'.
it's rhetorical more than real compliment lohhhh!

these few days i found out guys really priortise the hot chicks more than the normal-looking girls
they would preferr eatingggg with themmm .
ewww i was so distressed with that!
they rate girls too! but whatever lah we girls also rate boyysss what!

instead of thisss
my recent days are not that idyllic blissful as i expected
this is freaking absolutely different with what i really expectedddd
whatever info and piccies that i gained from blogs are just a great deceive to meee.
to me as-a-little girl.
i wanted to go shopping so badly but merely god knows the reason why i cannot go.
rite, it's because of i will be having my lit test tomorroww!
stupid shit, it's really a right time!
and and and i have a load of homework lol

but i was not aiming to go sunway
bored of it.
shirts are not that impressive lol
hahahhh, actually i was not impressed with the price lahhh.
you knww, i am saving some money to buy my dream jackettt
will get it soon.
hope it is not so dear.
haiyah whatever lahhh i don't care i will get it i don't care how muchhh lahhh
hahahh, pity me please
i am totally enslaved as a freaking debtor nwww.
imagine my life in the future.
an effing unsuccessful lawyer loafing over the 5th avenue looking for bags and apparel second hand shop.
poor thing.

yeappiii, im going home tomorroww
i missed my grandmum so badly!
sweet night
sleep tight

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


有时候 一个人的时候 就是最shock的时候。

Monday, July 5, 2010


如今 终于感受到毛虫 慢慢让自己沉溺在蛹里的滋味

不断地告诉自己 好好的睡 醒来后 自己就不再是小小的毛虫 而是展开翅膀的蝴蝶


如果你感觉到你已经开始蜕变 那么你该知道什么是爱美了。


想太多 不是 一件坏事
但长久以来 就是无可药救的事情了。

你浪费了太多时间 就是因为 想-太-多

Sunday, July 4, 2010


当时 下着绵绵细雨 寒风轻轻吹过 打了一个又一个的冷颤
好久没有重回一个人的宁静 但却又无法叙述心中淡淡的落寞

寂寞 乃是 每个人又爱又恨的 感觉

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

wishing u a happy bday !

Happy birthday = )
Today is my best friend, Xiao Lu's birthday!
A wonderful and chio sweet 17th !

Xiao Lu,

I am moved in by your blog post (bday post) !
You are always a mature, persevere, resourceful, thoughtful and bla bla bla bla girl!
Though you are short , but i know that your dreams,your hopes, your mind are TOTALLY different with your height!

I miss the day when we trio stick with each other, mucking around ,chit-chat about others personality, loitering and every every everything.

I can still illustrate your emotions, laoNa's awful laughter !!!
ngiak ngiak ngiak! sooooo damn funny !!!

Opps, I should not write so much here :p
Okie, gotta sleep now

Good night ,
happy birthday: )